Robin Laurén

Exploring my way out of Imposter Syndrome

  • Streaming Is Hard

    You’d think that creating a live video stream these days would be uncomplicated, a “solved problem”. Sure, things might be complicated by the fact that the production has multiple remote controlled cameras, slides/video with possible embedded audio, two audience screens (thankfully showing the same content, and no speaker screen), live dubbing, a separate stage on another floor to show the dubbed version of the presentation, streaming to YouTube in 1080/50p and record the thing on local storage, oh, and keep an eye on the Slack channel for questions and feedback from those on the other side of the stream.

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  • Macaduk Speaker Imposter Syndrome

    Aaaaaagh! Looking at the MacADUK 2019 speaker list, i’m now completely overwhelmed by imposter syndrome. All these geniuses … and me?! Halp!

  • Speaking at Macaduk 2019

    Aaaagh! I’m going to speak at a conference! And i haven’t even started writing my talk yet! And i thought i’d start writing it in January and it’s practically already February! Panic now! On a more serious note, i am indeed going to take a huge step over my insecurity and talk about something that i do know a bit about, though the more i think about it, the less i feel i really know, so it’s imposters’ all around agian.

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  • The Q currency

    My proposed Q currency symbol

    There’s a new currency in town and it’s called Q. Or more exactly, it’s an initiative in the making, by some ex-PayPal guys, to create a an alternative currency which they call Q. They’re kickstarting it by taking registrations from people. If you want in, you know me and i know you …

    here’s my invite link:

    The Q initiative is handing out a bunch of free Q currency and the quicker you react, the more Q you and i get for you signing up and me accepting you. Let me know after you registered, because I need to verify you on my end.

    To keep up with the spirit of Q, please only follow the invite link if we know each other. The link will stop working once i’m out of invites.

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  • Home Automation With Home Assistant

    I’ve been interested in home automation for ten or fifteen years now, probably since writing my thesis on home networks access control, quite some time away. My view of a well made home automation is a home that responds to its inhabitants, in some cases even anticipates their wills and wants. Well, anticipate may be a bit of a stretch, but even “infers from” is already sufficiently close to magic.

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  • Getting Started With Yubikeys

    I bought a set of Yubikeys to figure out what the fuss was all about. Getting started was surprisingly painless and i now have a new authentication factor for Google, Github and Lastpass.

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  • Change Your Mac Profile Picture Into Anything

    So you’re tired of the standard profile pictures, don’t want to use the camera, don’t have a Mac Server? Here’s a fairly simple workaround to use any picture as your profile picture.

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  • Experiencing New Things

    Today i’ve experienced several things, many of them new. Some new in a meaningful way, some mainly trivial. And in a broader scope of things, mostly trivial really.

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  • Mac tip: Map Caps Lock to Ctrl or Escape

    Caps lock? Show me a programmer or a system administrator that actually uses caps lock for producing CAPITAL LETTERS. Actually, don’t. But the point is, CAPS LOCK as a toggle for typing in SCREAM CASE versus normal case is really an outdated concept. That’s why i mapped my Caps Lock key to be a control key instead.

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  • Theses on a Thesis

    For some strange reason, i realized that there’s a spot in my old MSc Thesis which says it’s available on line. So i thought i’d follow up on that promise and make sure it is. And while i was at it, i wrote a whole page about how to (not) write your thesis. So there. Now for some truly unfathomable reason, the link to the thesis page doesn’t show if you’re reading the preview of this.

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